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Super Lumi Live

Super Lumi Live is a hardcore platformer focused on traditional levels and fast paced movement.

It has ultra refined controls and unrestrictive gameplay creating a great speedrunning experience, or you can slow the pace down and try to find all the hidden levels and secrets.

Out now on Steam!


A simple shoot-em-up where you destroy slandering words in a bid to seek out the Truth Bits that are contained within.

Heterodoxxed doesn’t use a traditional health system for the player because it’s the playing field itself that shrinks if you make a mistake.  Collecting enough Truth Bits will increase your power, allow you to use a Truth Bomb and give your ship more space to move around in.

Download from

HeterodoxxedGL 2015-01-17 20-58-05-85

Just Double JUMP!

A free-running collectathon with a giant laser!

Lord Leo has discovered a prophecy spelling out his demise in the near future unless he pre-emptively strikes Beanie first.  You must collect Speed Coins to boost your running speed so you can out pace the beam while avoiding obstacles.

Download from



An intergalactic postal service game with platforms and gravity twisting stations!

Guide the SuperCube to its destination in one piece through our custom-made boredom alleviating warping stations.  Complete them quickly to get all the gold medals and become the best remote postal controller this side of the Andro-meter galaxy!

Sorry, SuperCube is unavailable for download


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