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Super Lumi Live is on Greenlight!

In the twilight hours of Steam Greenlight, Super Lumi Live joins the fray to get onto arguably the best platform for PC gaming.

Give us a vote so I can make Super Lumi Live the best it can be!



I hope you enjoyed the trailer and if given the opportunity to release on Steam I will take full advantage of the Steamworks API to bring Achievements, Leaderboards and Workshop functionality to Super Lumi Live.  With Steam Workshop supporting the game, sharing and playing custom Levels will be incredibly easy and I positively can’t wait to see what kind of Levels the community comes up with.

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Dev Log #5 – A Case For High Skill Ceilings In Games

When it comes to designing real-time games, one of the most important aspects is the feel of the controls.  Another important factor is the degree to which those controls can be mastered.  This skill range is how far apart the skill floor and ceilings are in a game.

Generally it’s best to have the skill floor as low as possible for maximum accessibility but also have a high skill ceiling to allow players to continually get better at the game and still enjoy it for years to come. Continue reading

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Super Lumi Live out now in beta!

The wait has been long but finally I’m extremely happy to announce that Super Lumi Live has reached beta and is currently avaiable to purchase from, IndieGameStand and Humble.

Purchase from

Whether you love speedrunning or exploration, the first 2 worlds containing 17 levels are ready to be torn through at lightning speeds or scoured meticulously for Bonus Level warps and hidden Gold Tokens.

The game will be updated on a weekly basis ranging from fixes and tweaks to new features and of course, more levels!
A big thank you to all those who purchased the game, I hope you are all having a lot of fun speedrunning and collecting in the neon world of Super Lumi Live.


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Super Lumi Live – 2 weeks until beta launch!

With less than 2 weeks left until the beta launch of Super Lumi Live here’s a few things you can expect from the hardcore platformer which can be pre-ordered today ready for the March 14th release date!

Precision Platforming

On the surface Super Lumi Live looks like a simple platformer but the refined controls hide a plethora of advanced maneuvers.  These include skillful abilities such as the precise augmentation to your jump height and using moving platforms to gain speeds and heights not possible with Lumi alone, to an assortment of forgiving mechanics such as being able to jump a split second after running off a ledge or queuing up a jump shortly before landing on a floor.surgical01

Secrets and Warp Space levels

While most of Super Lumi Live’s levels are the more traditional side-scrolling affairs, there are gravity bending Warp Space levels to uncover through the discovery and completion of Inverse Portal challenges.  These portals temporarily take you a parallel universe where you must collect 5 Portal pieces and then get to the Warp Portal.  Once complete you’ll be taken to a Warp Space level which are gravity twisting bonus levels leading to different paths and levels in the Season map.

Fair but difficult challenges

Completing levels in Super Lumi Live isn’t a monumental challenge compared to earning the time and challenge medals but each new Season will test your ability to learn the finer nuances to Lumi’s movement and then to test those new skills on the Season finales.  These finales are lengthier, more challenging levels that require you to apply everything you’ve learned up to that point to succeed.


I can’t wait to share this love letter to platformers of mine to the world on March 14th.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Super Lumi Live – New Seasons and Release Date!

season-screenSeasons in Super Lumi Live are traditionally called worlds in other games.  Each Season is generally focused on teaching the player about different aspects of Lumi’s movement, for example the first Season “Grassy Hills”, is essentially a tutorial world ending in a long level to test you on what you’ve learned so far.  Grassy Hills will let the player become familiar with the movement while learning the basics of Lumi’s navigational abilities and then by Season 2 they will hopefully be prepared for the “proper ‘ard” levels. Continue reading

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Super Lumi Live – New level clear screen and replays!

clearscreenw1Complete Redesign

So the old level clear screen was overdue for a redesign and although the new one still needs some more polish, I really like how it turned out.  The awards also had to be redesigned to 1, 2 or 3 star medals to fit with the theme better and the screen now uses the same shader as the world tiles which allows effortless variation across levels and cool looking overlays scrolling across text or medals.  Finally, the medals will be less transparent when I get round to polishing the screen up as they currently lack a solid feel. Continue reading

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Super Lumi Live (You can Double JUMP Reloaded)


New Name

It’s been far too long since my last post so here’s a quick-ish one to show you the latest changes.  As you can see from the new title logo above, the game has had some radical changes.  Two of these changes are a new title and story.  You now play as Lumi Live, the stuntman who performs incredible jumps in dangerous arenas for his hit TV show, Super Lumi Live.  While the story is mostly unimportant to a pure platformer, I feel the new storyline ties into the new visual theme a lot better than the old story and theme did but I also like it because it’s not the usual “Save the [insert important person here]” trope. Continue reading

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You can Double JUMP – Spit and polish

Since releasing the v0.4 demo I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback. I’ve recently been busy adding in as many nice little touches as I can and creating a few more levels for your precision platforming pleasure.  So, what’s new: Continue reading