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Welcome to Gemi Games

Hi, my name is Marios Kalogerou and I love playing and making video games.  I had my first taste of this amazing medium with Super Mario Bros. on the NES back in 1991 and haven’t put down the controller since. The games I like to make are inspired by some of my favourites where fun and interesting gameplay is what matters most and since I’m not the greatest artist (not by a long shot) it works!

Frag Time

A first person arena shooter where you blow up robots into bits so you can collect those bits and replenish your resources to turn more robots into bits.  The movement is straight out of the 90’s with fast and frantic action.


The game is still very early in development and is missing many planned features but you can check out the pre-alpha over on

Super Lumi Live

This is a love letter to some of my favourite 2D platformers over the years.  It has tight and exhilarating movement coupled with fun level mechanics and a lot of thought put into both casual and hardcore play.

Check out Super Lumi Live on Steam

You play as Lumi who has the ability to run, jump and double jump but the simple controls hide a plethora of depth and mastery.  Each of the games 60 levels has it’s own mechanical theme as well as a modest amount of collectibles to open up new areas on the world map. A difficult but thoroughly satisfying skill game with plenty of extra challenges for those seeking mastery.

Check out the release trailer here:

The game was released on beta on 14th March 2017 with a final release on 5th September 2017 for PC.

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Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Gemi Games

  1. Wow! The game is really taking shape! I am very impressed with how smooth and cohesive it is. Cannot wait to play the full game.


  2. Good job! I love seeing technical and creative sides of a person being put right into a project.

    Will be following this merrily!


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