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PLAY Expo Manchester 2017: The Top 7 Indies

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There were so many amazing looking games during the expo. I wish I had a chance to play them 🙂


PLAY Expo Manchester 2017 was a fantastic weekend, packed to the rafters with everything gaming. From an almost exhausting amount of arcade cabinets, through to the next big indie hits. The show benefited from an embarrassment of indie riches, but I would like to highlight seven of these indies which stood out for me.

Balance of Kingdoms – WoksOn Studios

Balance of Kingdoms is a multiplayer indie game where you seek to build your kingdom on top of a balance beam. Castles, towers, cannons, and villager dwellings are all required, and must be carefully placed to avoid toppling your own settlement. Once the building phase is done, you start attacking your opponent in order to knock them off-balance.

The quick-yet-versatile building mechanics bring a tactical element to Balance of Kingdoms. The battle portion of each round is sensationally satisfying when it goes your way, and entertainingly enraging when…

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