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Super Lumi Live out now on Steam!

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Over 6 years ago I began putting together a PC sequel to my Android gravity platformer SuperCube, called HyperCube. Little did I know at the time that the game would completely change twice throughout it’s development. It started out as the aforementioned HyperCube which then quickly became the cartoony You can Double JUMP which a little under a year ago finally became what it is today, a neon platformer called Super Lumi Live.

Fast forwarding to this very day and I couldn’t be happier to announce my love letter to some of my favourite 2D platformers is ready for the world!

My publishing partner, Flying Interactive and I have decided to launch with a 15% discount through Steam for the first week which ends on 12th September. I also wanted to celebrate by uploading a sneak peak of one of my favourite levels from the final Season, The Core. It’s level 5-5 and it’s called Hot Rocks. I love this level because it’s a pure test to the limits of your precision platforming skills.

You can find Super Lumi Live’s Steam page here if you would like more information on the game:

Thanks for reading 🙂


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