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Super Lumi Live 0.12 – Replays and Ghosts!

Since the initial alpha release of Super Lumi Live the game has been saving everyone’s best replays and version 0.12 finally allows you to play them back!

There a few features still missing such as time controls and tombstones but the system is pretty stable now (on v0.12.2) and I’m happy with how accurate the playback is.  In v0.12.0, the player animation prediction use to get a bit screwy which sometimes resulting in epic moonwalks like the one below.

Ghosts were added to the latest build (v0.12.2).  These holographic versions of Lumi allow you to race against yourself and help you see which routes will shave off enough fractions of a second to get a 3-Star Medal.

Super Lumi Live will soon be on Steam and with that comes the ability to easily download replays to watch or compete against.  You’ll even be able to watch the best replays in the world to see exactly how some players get ridiculously quick times.

So next up will be me looking forward to getting everything set up with Steam and their Steamworks API.  Achievements is to be next on the agenda and then back to polishing the remaining levels and testing the game ready for it’s gold launch hopefully by the end of August.

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