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Super Lumi Live v0.11

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The latest version of Super Lumi Live marks the first update to ship with content in the form of an entire new world!

“Toxic Dump” is the third world in the main campaign and it introduces several new enemies and hazards for you to skillfully avoid.  Here are a few of them for you to check out:

Tox Patrol and The Toxicator

These two brothers from another mother are as similar as they are different.  The more docile of the two is called Tox Patrol and will endlessly bounce around without a care in the world while seeming to have quite a nasty case of bronchitis.The Toxicator however is an angry gathering of toxic gas molecules and will make chase the millisecond you get close enough.  They aren’t too bad though to be fair since when you leave their little corner of the level, they’ll happily return to where they were being angry all by themselves.

Auto Defense Blobber

These autonomous security turrets shoot concentrated blobs of acid and act as the guardians to the Toxic Foundry that sprawls this world.

Liquids and Darkness

Pools of acid are the de facto replacement for bottomless pits in this world just to shake things up a bit.  Let’s also be frank, they’re more visually appropriate than the bottom of your monitor for dealing death.The final level in this noxious place is an abandoned factory full of tricks and traps set in near complete darkness with only the eerie groaning sounds of rusty machinery to keep you company.

Other new stuff!

Other features in this update include a completely new inversion effect and a whole host of improvements and fixes you can find here on Google Docs Super Lumi Live changes log

With only worlds 4 and 5 (Mental Labs and The Core, respectively) to go and many of the major visuals polished, it shouldn’t be too long before the game hits gold!  Until then you could check out the Greenlight page if you haven’t done so already and thanks for reading and happy gaming.


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