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Super Lumi Live out now in beta!

The wait has been long but finally I’m extremely happy to announce that Super Lumi Live has reached beta and is currently avaiable to purchase from, IndieGameStand and Humble.

Purchase from

Whether you love speedrunning or exploration, the first 2 worlds containing 17 levels are ready to be torn through at lightning speeds or scoured meticulously for Bonus Level warps and hidden Gold Tokens.

The game will be updated on a weekly basis ranging from fixes and tweaks to new features and of course, more levels!
A big thank you to all those who purchased the game, I hope you are all having a lot of fun speedrunning and collecting in the neon world of Super Lumi Live.


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Super Lumi Live – 2 weeks until beta launch!

With less than 2 weeks left until the beta launch of Super Lumi Live here’s a few things you can expect from the hardcore platformer which can be pre-ordered today ready for the March 14th release date!

Precision Platforming

On the surface Super Lumi Live looks like a simple platformer but the refined controls hide a plethora of advanced maneuvers.  These include skillful abilities such as the precise augmentation to your jump height and using moving platforms to gain speeds and heights not possible with Lumi alone, to an assortment of forgiving mechanics such as being able to jump a split second after running off a ledge or queuing up a jump shortly before landing on a floor.surgical01

Secrets and Warp Space levels

While most of Super Lumi Live’s levels are the more traditional side-scrolling affairs, there are gravity bending Warp Space levels to uncover through the discovery and completion of Inverse Portal challenges.  These portals temporarily take you a parallel universe where you must collect 5 Portal pieces and then get to the Warp Portal.  Once complete you’ll be taken to a Warp Space level which are gravity twisting bonus levels leading to different paths and levels in the Season map.

Fair but difficult challenges

Completing levels in Super Lumi Live isn’t a monumental challenge compared to earning the time and challenge medals but each new Season will test your ability to learn the finer nuances to Lumi’s movement and then to test those new skills on the Season finales.  These finales are lengthier, more challenging levels that require you to apply everything you’ve learned up to that point to succeed.


I can’t wait to share this love letter to platformers of mine to the world on March 14th.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!