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Super Lumi Live – New Seasons and Release Date!

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season-screenSeasons in Super Lumi Live are traditionally called worlds in other games.  Each Season is generally focused on teaching the player about different aspects of Lumi’s movement, for example the first Season “Grassy Hills”, is essentially a tutorial world ending in a long level to test you on what you’ve learned so far.  Grassy Hills will let the player become familiar with the movement while learning the basics of Lumi’s navigational abilities and then by Season 2 they will hopefully be prepared for the “proper ‘ard” levels.mapscreenw1The latest area of the game to receive the Super Lumi Treatment is the Season screen.  This is where you can select a level but it also shows you a bunch of information like what Medals and Tokens you’ve gotten on each level as well as your total Token counts.  You can toggle checkpoints on or off here too for your speedrunning convenience.alpha-releaseLast but certainly not least Super Lumi Live finally has a release date!  The first two Seasons containing 17 levels will be available for purchase on March 14th from the Humble Bundle Store, Indie Game Stand and  This is a one time purchase as all future updates will be without additional charge and this includes the other 4 Seasons that make up the main campaign of course but also any future DLC.  A new Season will be added every 2-4 weeks leading up to a Version 1 Gold release sometime in May or June.2-6_nearendAs always, please drop a comment letting me know what you think and thanks for reading,


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