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Super Lumi Live (You can Double JUMP Reloaded)

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New Name

It’s been far too long since my last post so here’s a quick-ish one to show you the latest changes.  As you can see from the new title logo above, the game has had some radical changes.  Two of these changes are a new title and story.  You now play as Lumi Live, the stuntman who performs incredible jumps in dangerous arenas for his hit TV show, Super Lumi Live.  While the story is mostly unimportant to a pure platformer, I feel the new storyline ties into the new visual theme a lot better than the old story and theme did but I also like it because it’s not the usual “Save the [insert important person here]” trope.

So a bit of real talk before I get into the main changes.  One of the main reasons for not making great progress over the last year had to do with my growing apathy for the project.  This however, wasn’t the usual fatigue developers tend to get when working on the same project for years (although that is a bit true also), this was different.  I grew tired of the project because I didn’t have that love for the game like I used to do and so I had to do something to get me back into the spirit.


New Theme

The problem I’ve been having but didn’t want to admit was that I didn’t like the art theme of the game, or at least I couldn’t realise the theme to a standard I’m happy with.  This was always in the back of my mind but recently became a big problem when I couldn’t get new enemies/level elements to look good and fit into the world and this is on top the overly complex colour and lights system which required far too much per-level tweaking to look right.  So, I completely changed the theme to something that both streamlined the level creation process as well as to something that better suits my art skills and my personal tastes.  I originally choose a purely comic theme because most of the time platformers are cartoony so they can get away with being unrealistic.  I did want that kind of look but I’ve bitten the bullet and have made great head way into redesigning the entire game into a more original, yet still comic, theme.  Here’s a comparison from a section on the first level:1-1end_old1-1end

New Style

The new theme not only allows for a more abstract art style which ties everything together much better, it builds upon the gameplay too by removing noise and stripping the graphics down to the bare minimum.  The previously unkempt parallax backgrounds have been replaced by simple shapes which fill the void around the active parts of the level in a more cohesive style.


Most importantly though is that I love the project again and have been working towards creating more levels and a new trailer to show off the new theme in action.

As always, please drop a comment letting me know what you think and thanks for reading,


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