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You can Double JUMP – Boots of Justice

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BootsOfJusticeCroppedGolden Feet
The Boots of Justice are the real heroes of You can Double JUMP because without them, the game would have to be called “You can Single JUMP” and that’s a ridiculous title for a game to be honest.  You might’ve already guessed that these ancient, mysterious yet comfortable footwear grant our protagonist Beanie, the ability to jump a second time from seemingly thin air!  The boots actually work by charming the air molecules around them until they are hard enough to jump from!  Proper clever eh!
bootofjustice glow2Made in China
No one really knows where these magical artifacts originated from (not even me!) but they allow a multitude of different jumps from high jumps to long jumps to J-jumps!  They can be triggered at any time in the air and will need to recharge after each successful double jump.  Fear not however as the recharge system is so efficient it only needs a small impulse from something solid beneath them (the ground works really well!).  Also, I must’ve been a good father because some of the objects in the game are so nice that they’ll recharge your boots when you touch them!  I couldn’t be more proud *sniff* *sniff*
bootofjustice glowForce Feedback
Lastly, the boots have been designed so that you can be 100% sure you can actually double jump before you double jump.  This visual feedback system has been called, rather cryptically, “If they glow, you can double jump”.  It’s not very catchy but basically it means if the boots are glowing then you can perform a double jump!  Finally (ignoring the aforementioned lastly), the boots also make a beepy sound once recharged so you can be an additional 50% sure you won’t plummet to your death.

Once You can Double JUMP is released, I will be planning a Kickstarter for the Boots of Justice so that You can Double JUMP Two!! I mean Too!! How exciting!!

Thanks for reading this update, more to come!

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