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You can Double JUMP – Map Screen update

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MapScreenHello everyone, I’m still alive! Also I have become a father to the most lovely black hole of time imaginable. You can Double JUMP has also had a child if you can count a child as being a map screen that is. The shot above shows the map of the first world named Grassy Hills, it’s currently a little bare on the details (trees, rocks etc) but the keenest among you will notice exactly what is in store for you for You can Double JUMP’s features (for you).

The main collectibles in the game are silver and gold threads which will be used to unlock new levels and also to frustrate the obsessive compulsive demons in you. The gold threads are 3 per level and will be in tricky to reach places or outright hidden away for your exploring pleasure however, the silver ones will be in plain view and you can collect 20 per level. The catch though is any golden ones collected are saved upon touching a checkpoint but dying will make you lose all the silver threads collected on the level (Mwahahahaha).

Lastly and it might not be immediately obvious, but the completion time for each level will feature a par time target and a pro time target for any people out there who love a bit of speed of the running variety. Suffice to say collecting all the threads and obtaining a pro time will earn you a golden tick for that level (I’m too generous, I know).

I look forward to showing you more as the map screen gets finished.


One thought on “You can Double JUMP – Map Screen update

  1. Thank youu for writing this


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