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Heterodoxxed – v0.9.5 released!

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Aside from the embarrassing performence that comes from not being very good at my own game (see video above), Heterodoxxed has some new touches and fixes, listed below. The most notable changes are improved thumbstick control (no more twitchy movement) and an improved/final look for the Truth Bar and Truth Bombs which now use a cool colour mask shader.


– Improved Truth Bar look.
– Improved Truth Bomb look.
– Incresed Truth Bomb power.
– Wall Type Projectiles are now removed by Bombs.
– Fixed twitchy thumbstick controls.
– Fixed Current Music window not shrinking correctly.
– Fixed music playing for split second when muted.
– Menu music now loops correctly.

I hope you enjoy the new changes and if you can beat round 6 on Hard, then I applaud you because I can’t even get close.


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