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Heterodoxxed – v0.9.5 released!

Aside from the embarrassing performence that comes from not being very good at my own game (see video above), Heterodoxxed has some new touches and fixes, listed below. The most notable changes are improved thumbstick control (no more twitchy movement) and an improved/final look for the Truth Bar and Truth Bombs which now use a cool colour mask shader.


– Improved Truth Bar look.
– Improved Truth Bomb look.
– Incresed Truth Bomb power.
– Wall Type Projectiles are now removed by Bombs.
– Fixed twitchy thumbstick controls.
– Fixed Current Music window not shrinking correctly.
– Fixed music playing for split second when muted.
– Menu music now loops correctly.

I hope you enjoy the new changes and if you can beat round 6 on Hard, then I applaud you because I can’t even get close.


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The unorthodox shmup, Heterodoxxed is OUT NOW!


Heterodoxxed is a simple shoot-em-up where half-truths, slander and bad words must be destroyed before you’re crushed by the outlandish lies.  There are only three rules to follow in Heterodoxxed.  Shoot, dodge and collect.

The last rule refers to every letter you destroy leaving behind Truth bits.  Once you have collected enough bits, you are granted with a bomb, increased weapon power and more space to again, shoot, dodge and collect.

HeterodoxxedGL 2015-01-17 20-58-05-85

I hope you all have fun with this simple but satisfying shooter and don’t forget to let us know what you think!


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Heterodoxxed alpha out soon!


First let me say that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a great new year. Here’s looking forward to 2015, which I hope turns out to be a better year for gaming. We didn’t get as many great games out last year but with You can Double JUMP coming out this year, it’s already looking promising 😛

On point now however, I will be releasing an alpha version of Heterodoxxed (the GamerGate themed side project I’ve been working on) at some point over this weekend so you all can play it. It took a little longer than expected to create but the simple shumup gameplay coupled with a “collect Truth Bits to level up” system, is a lot of fun and with the awesome techy beats of Tim N’s ( driving it all along you’ll be dodging and collecting with style.


I very much look forward to creating the page over the next few days and releasing the latest build of the game.

Until then, take care.