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Gemi Games is BACK!!!

gemigamesbackpostYou may or may not have noticed that was down for a few weeks and I was none the wiser. The WordPress CMS dashboard still worked perfectly fine but since I rarely visit the actual site itself, I was completely unaware.

I apologise to anyone who tried to access the site over the last few weeks but everything is back to working order now and I look forward to the next post which will be exclusively about some of You can Double JUMP’s latest level mechanics and objects.


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Update #01 – New camera system, map screen and more! [ WARNING – 9MB gif file ]

TopPictureHello, it’s been a short while so I have a few new updates to show.  They’re mostly features and were a bit overdue but finally, bar a few tweaks, they are done.

Also, I’m going to start adding a different screenshot from You can Double JUMP at the top each post related to the game.  It’ll make the posts a bit nicer than the wall of text I normally do, plus it’ll force me to show something new each time 🙂
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