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Just Double JUMP v0.7.5 – Power Ups


So now that I’m a married man and Just Double JUMP is gaining a few fans it’s more than about time to write up a post on the blog and what better time than when Just Double JUMP receives a nice big update with two major features added to the game and further level tightening 😀
jdj04It’s been a while but finally the latest update (v0.7.5) is ready! Just Double JUMP now has a power up system, a Bomb Launcher and a new look!

Download it HERE!

Changes info:

– Power ups are now given to you periodically. The first power up to be added is a shield which grants you an extra chance if you hit an obstacle.

– In addition to the new power up system is a score save feature with a redesigned gameover screen showing your best distance and coin totals.

– The Bomb Launcher is a new hazard which basically does what it says. The ground shader has been given a new lick of code for a more grassy look and fianlly, as with all updates, new levels have been added included 3 with the new Bomb Launcher.
jdj00I hope you like the new changes and don’t forget to rate and/or let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Just Double JUMP v0.7.5 – Power Ups

  1. Nice additions. Players always like having a high score to strive for and the shield is always welcome as one hit deaths can be frustrating.


    • Thanks! I wasn’t originally planning on adding power ups but your right, the game is a little more forgiving and later rounds are easier to get to now. A saving grace power up is next to help by spawning a temporary platform at the bottom of the screen if you fall down a pit.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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