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Double Jump gets an early first impressions!


The guys over at the YouTube channel AffectiveGamers have put together a first impressions of the Double Jump demo and I just wanted to give them a big thank you for the video. Big thank you guys, it was great to watch!

The build shown is a fairly recent one so be sure to check it out to see the new exit and checkpoint system, which is shown on level 4. On a side note, the size of most levels in the finished game will be closer to level 4 than the others in the demo. If you want to find out more about the new changes and other stuff, I go into more detail on a previous post here


3 thoughts on “Double Jump gets an early first impressions!

  1. Damn! Another one video? Only downside in the video was the empty spaces of sound and what not, but other than that it was nice :D. Ill get down and dirty and sort out the remmaining tracks soon man. Feel free to holler at me as well on skype if your about :).


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