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Final world level concepts but sorry no video yet

Lord Leo’s Lair (The Core)

Just a quick post showing two concepts for the look and style of the final world levels. The final world will take place in the incredibly imaginative setting of Lord Leo’s Lair and will be a…. wait for it…. LAVA WORLD!!!! Honestly, how do I come up with this stuff! Joking aside I thought it would be sacrilege to platforming games if the final world was anything but a lava based one. Also the colour palette and preconceived dangers of lava cement the theme of “oh snap this is hard yo!”.

Enough of my ramblings anyway, here’s the concepts: Continue reading


Still here!

Firstly, Happy new year to everyone! I hope you all have a great 2014.

So some of you may be wondering why everything has been very quiet over the last few months and although I don’t have a satisfactory reason to give you for being essentially offline, I’m deeply sorry for doing so. I want to correct this but I feel making a new year resolution to show more updates isn’t a great idea as, let’s be honest, who really sticks to new year resolutions past the first few weeks 🙂

With this in mind however, it is wholly unfair for you guys to be left in the dark only to think the project has died or something. So I will dedicate more time to producing regular updates starting with this one and a video update as soon as a few new changes are in a presentable state. Continue reading