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IndieDB Page & More Screenshots


I finally feel the game is at a point where it can be shown to the world or at least the users of IndieDB for now 🙂

The approval process for the Double JUMP took a little over 16 hours which was pretty good really.  Gemi Games took only 4!!!  Some fast working people over there.

Here’s the link to the IndieDB page (or you can navigate using the links in the sidebar) Double JUMP @ IndieDB
I admit that I haven’t taken many screenshots to show everyone so I’ve got a better way of getting screen captures now.  I basically have the software take a picture every second only when in game as opposed to being in the level editor.  I was discouraged initially by this idea because I thought sifting through hundreds of pictures would take too long but as it turns out our brains are crazy quick and it takes only a fraction of a second to realise a picture looks rubbish and only a second or so to examine a potentially good one.

With that said here’s a few that I thought looked best:

youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-27 23-56-28-70 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-27 23-56-36-71 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-27 23-55-54-70 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-29 02-01-32-68 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-29 01-59-37-65 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-29 01-58-18-21 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-29 01-59-09-21 youcandoubleJUMP 2013-07-29 01-57-09-26

Thanks for checking out the screenshots.  Nearly forgot to mention that I will be uploading a small playable demo to IndieDB and some other sites once a few more things are tweaked and added so watch this space 😀


3 thoughts on “IndieDB Page & More Screenshots

  1. What a great idea for capturing screenshots! I will have to use that in my own games. Thanks for the tip!

    It’s looking great. I think the distortion was a good idea. Nothing says overdone like straight line tiled backgrounds.


    • Thanks a lot man. I’m really glad I could help out in any way I can.

      It’s funny how worried i was about finding an art style and then a quick stab at gimp and a small shader has pretty much done it!
      I underestimated the power of just experimenting and messing about with stuff.


  2. Lovely blogg you have


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