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Welcome to Gemi Games

Hi, I’m Marios Kalogerou and I love playing and making video games.  The games I make are inspired by my favourites where fun gameplay and skillful execution are the most important factors.

Super Lumi Live

Super Lumi Live is my love letter to 2D platformers from NES to today.  It’s focused on having fun speedrun levels with fast and precise movement.
Meet a variety of challenges as you battle your way through 6 Seasons (worlds) of the hit TV show, Super Lumi Live!You play as Lumi who has the ability to run, jump and double jump.  Each Arena (level) hides away 3 Gold tokens and many Silver ones which open up different routes to take in each Season Map but some Arenas also hold extra challenging Portal exits that unlock the gravity twisting Space Arenas.

Check out some gameplay here:

Super Lumi Live will feature 6 different worlds, each with about 8-12 levels in them.  The game will be released early 2017 for PC with other platforms to be determined.

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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Gemi Games

  1. Wow! The game is really taking shape! I am very impressed with how smooth and cohesive it is. Cannot wait to play the full game.


  2. Good job! I love seeing technical and creative sides of a person being put right into a project.

    Will be following this merrily!


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